A New Highway through the City: Verde Beach - Vanilla Cities Skylines (Ep. 37)

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A New Highway through the City: Verde Beach - Vanilla Cities Skylines (Ep. 37)

Hello and welcome back to Verde Beach! The City is very interested in completing a complete overhaul of the transit network; however, it has acknowledged that it would make far more sense to complete its planned highway relocation and local connectivity project before undertaking the transit project. Further, the rail network must be modified to separate the passenger traffic from the cargo traffic to improve its efficiency. So today, we're moving the highway and fixing the rail network! In addition, we'll fix the water problem in the zoo, and call a mulligan on the hotels near the airport. Lots to do and so little time! Enjoy!

*** Map ***
Pearl Bay (Industries DLC)

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- Verde Beach -
- Bluffside Crossing -
- Starterville -

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*** Chapters ***
Introduction - 0:00
Fixing the Zoo Water - 3:03
Calling a Mulligan on the Mulligan District - 5:48
Firing the Rail Engineer and Bringing in a Competent One - 6:50
BIG Bridges Needed to Extending Sunset - 7:44
Perfect is the Enemy of Good - 10:36
A New Highway and Cargo Rail System - 11:15
Connecting to the Existing Highway System - 26:44
Reversi! - 30:47
Rail Things - 33:50
An UGLY (functional) interchange - 43:43
The Struggle is RAIL - 46:38
Getting the City Running with Unsafe At-Grade Highway Connections! - 51:18
Driving down the Highway - 53:04
One Last Rail Thing and Odds and Ends - 55:52
City Tour - 1:01:24
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